• The squad initially served the entire town of Parsippany until 1952 when Fire District 5 started the Rockaway Neck First Aid Squad; currently we serve all areas except Lake Hiawatha section of Parsippany.
  • The squad house, located at 397 Parsippany Road was originally only a two bay building. In 1975 the building was expanded to have a third bay. In the late 80’s the front bays were dug down to allow for the bigger ambulances.
  • All of the members, some of who may be your neighbors, dedicate their time to helping the community. All are certified in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and most are EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) and defibrillator certified.
  • Parsippany Volunteer Ambulance Squad hasĀ four fully equipped ambulances, a 1st Responder Truck and a Utility Truck for special operations. Each of the ambulances can accommodate up to three patients, two lying down and one sitting. The 1st Responder carries a sub-set of the ambulance equipment but does not carry patients. It is used to provide support to our ambulances and transportation for our members.